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Interchangable with Waterlox Sealer/ Finish TB-5284

  • For exterior projects as a sealer, use 2 coats to prime, followed by 1 or 2 coats of Marine Gloss Finish or Marine Satin Finish.
  • Excellent for use as a primer, tie-coat, or paint additive to improve adhesion.
  • Exceptional adhesion to oily, dense, tropical woods.
  • Coverage: 500 square feet per gallon per coat
  • Interchangable with Waterlox Sealer/ Finish TB-5284


For exterior projects as a sealer, use 2 coats to prime, followed by 1 or 2 coats of Marine Finish. Waterlox Original Marine Sealer is a clear medium gloss exterior sealer which penetrates wood enabling it to resist moisture, dirt, common household acids, alcoholic beverages, heat and cold. Waterlox Original Marine Sealer is recommended for all exterior wood surfaces as a sealer/primer to seal out moisture and intensify adhesion of the finish coat (latex and oil-base paints, and our Marine Finish).  Waterlox Marine Sealer is nontoxic when dry.

Preparation of Surfaces

Apply to a small test area and allow to dry prior to applying to the entire surface. Final color effect is always influenced by the grain, texture, porosity, species of wood, number of coats and by method of application.

Strip previously finished surfaces to bare wood. Where not possible to strip all wood, Waterlox Original Marine Sealer can be used as a primer/tie-coat. If the previous finish is a urethane or unknown, the finish must be abraded before application. Sand the surface well and wipe clean with a tack cloth or cloth dampened with paint thinner.


Application methods include lambswool applicator, brush, cloth, or spray. For exterior porch floors or decks, we recommend using a lambswool applicator to apply the finish.  Be sure to apply the finish with the grain of the wood.

Sanding between coats is not necessary for adhesion purposes . For aesthetic reasons,  you can perform a light sanding with fine sandpaper, or synthetic abrasive.

Staining with Waterlox

Stain can be added to your first coat of Waterlox Original Marine Sealer. You can add up to 1 quart of oil-based stain to 1 gallon of Waterlox Original Marine Sealer (4:1 ratio). We recommend you use an old-fashioned oil-based stain (without additives such as urethane). Test the stain mixture as well as the subsequent coats of Waterlox Original Finishes before applying to the entire surface.

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