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Paint and Wood Coatings for Equine Related Facilities and Structures including Horse Barns

Wood elements within equine related structures are exposed to a variety of harsh elements. Ultraviolet rays, rain, sleet, and snow all contribute to damaging exterior surfaces. Excessive moisture inside the barn can deteriorate wood finishes. Many choices will offer trade-offs with respect to durability, frequency of maintenance, ease or difficulty of application, preparation required, and […]

Choosing and Hiring a Contractor

We rarely allow a tile, carpet, or wallpaper installer to choose the quality level of the materials they install. You should choose your material, and you hire an Independent craftsman to install it. Paint, caulk and wood coatings should be no different.  Independent Paint Stores can guide you to certified or trained contractors for a […]

Protecting Wood Decking

This video discusses choosing the right product to protect and beautify a wood deck. Most reviews of wood sealers and stains rate products in a laboratory setting, and fail to consider the natural beauty of the wood. Many highly advertised deck stains appear more like a paint than a stain. Most deck staining products we […]

How to get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Bee Stop Natural Bee Deterrent AskthePainter likes Bee Stop for managing Bees and other nuisance insects.  Bee Stop is all natural, and effective.  Bee Stop is AskthePainter’s choice for deterring carpenter bees, wasps, bumblebees, and other flying insects..naturally. Bee Stop is very effective, and helps avoid some of the more unpleasant chemical alternatives. Bee Stop is used for log […]

Where can I get help with a deck stain problem?

There is no single best deck stain or sealer. The best wood protector for Texas may not perform the same in Louisiana.  I will attempt to to sort out for you among various options, and give you the power to make the best choice for the care and maintenance of your deck or wood structure. If you require more in-depth personal consultation for […]

Why is Waterlox Tung Oil Finish the Best Choice for Hardwood Floors?

The Waterlox Advantage Waterlox Original Tung Oil finishes are penetrating oil finishes and as such enhance the wood with a natural oiled look and feel. Waterlox never requires sanding for adhesion and touch-ups can be done at any time without sanding. Waterlox forms a protective finish that won’t chip, crack or wrinkle. The following is […]

What is the best finish for Hardwood Floors?

When choosing among the available wood finishes for new home construction, one often neglected, yet highly impacting area is hardwood floors. Most clients aren’t given adequate choices to make a valid decision on the product that they will choose to maintain their floors. Over the years, polyurethane has become by far the most common choice for […]