How do I Fix Drywall Imperfections and Problems

Drywall imperfections can include drywall cracking, seam bubbling or wrinkling, corner bead crush or pop, and nail and screw pops through drywall. Usually, these defects are caused by the simple shrinkage of the wood framing members in the house. In a newly constructed home, we commonly observe nail popping or screws popping through drywall. This […]

How does Drywall Dust cause Lung Damage?

Every year, more than 250 workers in the United States die with silicosis, an incurable, progressive lung disease caused by overexposure to dust containing silica. Hundreds more become disabled by this disease. More than 1 million U.S. workers are exposed to crystalline silica, which can cause scar tissue to form in the lungs and reduce […]