Belize Rosewood is Beautiful Wood

 Google Map of Belize  Belize which was formerly known as British Honduras until 1981 is an 8,867 acre plot of land located in Central America. The territory covered by Belize is slightly smaller than the state of Massachusetts (Gall 45). Mexico surrounds Belize to the north, Guatemala to the southwest and the Caribbean Sea to […]

Why is Belizean Rosewood so rare?

One of the exotic beauties of Belize is Rosewood belonging to the genus Dalbergia, highly valued and richly hued timber with brown and dark veining. Rosewood grows wild throughout Belize but is especially abundant in the southern Toledo District. The rosewood lumber is strong, dense and heavy and takes an extremely high and brilliant polish […]

Wood Finishes through History

Treatment of wood has been practiced for almost as long as the use of wood . Some accounts reach back to the beginning of recorded history. For example the Bible in Genesis, 6:13-14 “And God said unto Noah… make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within […]

What is the best Deck Stain?

Various deck stains and finishes will have distinct performance and application characteristics. The product choice for your deck project should be determined by evaluating your specific project requirements. The premium wood coatings discussed below are all proven solutions we have used, tested, and reviewed for various specific conditions. Transoxide pigments provide the highest level of […]

One TIME Wood Protector Review

One TIME® Wood Protector is a unique exterior wood protection formula that uses a curing resin blend to provide long-term protection from water, fungal attachment, and UV radiation. Unlike conventional exterior wood treatments, there is no solvent or water to evaporate. One TIME® is 100% solids in liquid form. One TIME® penetrates deep into the […]

What do I need to know before pouring Concrete Driveways, Patios, and Walkways?

One  product we must encourage you to explore is CreteDefender.   In addition to exploring the amazing performance benefits of this product, I hope you will also explore the extreme expertise these guys have with respect to properly specifying your concrete mix and long term performance.  I have some links below that can help you become a […]

Why is Moisture the biggest problem with New Deck Lumber

By Bob Falk, Kent McDonald and Jerry Winandy Many problems associated with deck deterioration can be traced to the original moisture content of the lumber. Look for the mark to be sure what you’re getting. Grade marks, such as the ones on these two pieces of pressure-treated lumber, indicate the maximum moisture content of the […]

What is the best stain for Decks, Boardwalks, Docks, and Marinas

One Time Wood Protector provides superior protection for Decks, Boardwalks, Docks, and Marinas. One TIME Wood Protector is unique protection that is a proven long-lasting, low maintenance alternative to conventional wood stains for Docks and Marinas. This unique wood protector eliminates the frequent and difficult maintenance characteristics of most acrylic stains and oil finishes. There […]