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Doug Wilson is a longtime resident of central Kentucky, with more than 30 years experience and expertise in industrial, commercial, and residential wood coatings, paint, and caulking products. Doug has decades of experience with the specification and application of  fine wood finishes, including deck and log home stains, with a focus on elegant hardwood floor finishes. For the past decade, Doug has managed and developed PaintSource.net into a central resource for paint and wood coatings counsel. AskthePainter.net is the evolution of that effort.

AskthePainter.net explores various aspects of painting and wood care projects. Our goal is to present the finest wood finishes, paint, caulking, and sealers for homes and commercial buildings. Products presented are not available at Home Depot, Lowes, or Sherwin Williams.

Most of our featured products are available through our Online Store, or through local Farrell Calhoun Paint Stores.

We explore the social, financial, and environmental consequences of many uninformed or misinformed decisions made when evaluating the various finishes needed to protect and beautify your home. We review and present our best product choices for a variety of projects. Our team can help you evaluate the choices of products used to seal, finish, paint, stain, and caulk many surfaces in and around houses and other structures. Our mission is to increase awareness of the superior-performing methods, tools, products, and solutions that our customers, team, and associates have evaluated and tested over the years.  We feature and provide access to those select products here.

We offer one-on-one consultation for your projects. Shop for featured products through our online store to get access to our volume buying power. Your purchases through AskthePainter.net support our continuing educational programs in a variety of areas. We seek to reduce unnecessary and costly maintenance projects through better product choices available. AskthePainter.net is a network of experienced industry professionals who share a passion for educating our customers. We have been providing painting and wood care advice for over 30 years. During that time we have tested and evaluated most available paint and wood coatings available. Most paints, wood stains, and caulking products offered and advertised in the national chains (SHW, HD, and LOW) lead to repeated failure and preventable maintenance. Only independent paint stores offer the highest level of product in all categories. Our experience has shown that only a few select products offer premium levels of performance, beauty, and durability. We feature those  best-performing products and methods proven to achieve the best outcomes.

Valuable information is featured in these  YouTube videos. AskThePainter.net is not obligated to any product manufacturer. We receive no compensation for our articles or reviews.  We share freely what we have learned from our team’s diverse experience in the painting and wood finishing industry. We offer here our best performing products available to our customers.  Our Online Store allows us to continue to develop and provide our content free of advertisement, or bias.

Please contact us before your next project.

PaintSource.net and now AskthePainter have been serving the paint and coatings needs of Central Kentucky and the whole USA for over 30 years.

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