Protecting Wood Decking

This video discusses choosing the right product to protect and beautify a wood deck.

Most reviews of wood sealers and stains rate products in a laboratory setting, and fail to consider the natural beauty of the wood. Many highly advertised deck stains appear more like a paint than a stain. Most deck staining products we see advertised and endorsed carry false or unrealistic claims with respect to longevity. They fail to account for the frequent difficult maintenance required.

A majority of available water-based stains eventually build a film an end up looking “paint-like”, and lead to peeling, then eventual difficult stripping. Many contain wax or silicone, which both contaminate the surface for future coating, leading to buildup, frequent maintenance and inadequate protection. Most wax-containing and linseed oil-containing products lead to eventual stripping.

AskthePainter presents proven solutions for natural wood care that are good for your wood, and are good for your environment. We hope you find this information helpful.

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