One TIME Wood Protector Review

One TIME® Wood Protector is a unique exterior wood protection formula that uses a curing resin blend to provide long-term protection from water, fungal attachment, and UV radiation.

Unlike conventional exterior wood treatments, there is no solvent or water to evaporate. One TIME® is 100% solids in liquid form. One TIME® penetrates deep into the wood’s cellular structure and cures in the wood with natural sunlight. One TIME provides superior protection for outdoor wood against moisture intrusion and fungal attachment.

One TIME® can be used on virtually any exterior wood:

New or old wood,
Pressured treated or Natural wood,
Cedar, Pine, Tropical Hardwood, or any other wood type.

It is suitable for any exterior wood application: decks, docks, log homes, siding, outdoor furniture, fences, bleachers, shake roofs, boardwalks, outdoor furniture, etc.